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Josh Hoge Josh Hoge: From Shoe Salesman to Crowd Pleaser
Josh Hoge likes Jodeci and Jack Daniels, hates the studio, and just might get your name tattooed on his body. If he likes you enough.
Andy Mac Ten Questions With Andy Mac
Andy Mac is a singer-songwriter from New York City who was kind enough to supply us with his e-mail address when we asked him for an interview. Because flights to NYC from the West Coast aren’t cheap and daytime minutes don’t grow on trees.
Kristi Jo Five Minutes In Heaven: Kristi Jo
In It Magazine got to spend five minutes talking with Kristi Jo after one of her shows in Huntington Beach, California. When you see her live, get her to play “You Don’t Give a Shit About Me”. You can thank us later.
In Rotation In Rotation: Music You Might Like
Dayplayer, Scott Sharrard, Shawn Pander,
Moedog Darling, I Hear Sirens
Mix Tape Mix Tape: Introductory Playlist
Some of the music that has fueled our late nights piecing together this magazine.
African Children's Choir Aware: African Children’s Choir
African children are taking their futures into their own hands and they’re asking for your help.