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In Rotation: Music You Might Like

Dayplayer is pleasant in a very Top 40 sort of way but remains relatively unknown, despite the fact that their lead singer was the main character on the cult classic NBC television show Freaks and Geeks. A five-piece band based out of Los Angeles, most of the songs on their MySpace player are still free for download.
Recommended Track: “Peak”

Scott Sharrard
If you need an excuse to get drunk on wine by yourself in your apartment in the middle of the day, New York soul singer, Scott Sherrard, just became your best friend. If you can hide your slur, your mom might even compliment your sophisticated taste in music when she comes to visit.
Recommended Track: “Paris”

Shawn Pander
Shawn Pander does a very good job of walking the incredibly fine line between country music and folk rock, a distinct blend of his two homes: Houston, Texas and Los Angeles, California.
Recommended Track: “Tell Mama”

Moedog Darling
Moedog Darling is really Marisa Predisik and based out of Long Beach, California. Her album I’m the Queen, You’re the Pauper was released just this summer but she has been kind enough to make all of the songs on her MySpace page available for download. Her music teeters gracefully between poetic and pretentious, but it works.
Recommended Track: “Rolled In Paper, Wrapped In Rubberbands”

I Hear Sirens
I Hear Sirens is an ambient band based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Their music is powerful and expressive, whether they choose to include vocals on their tracks or not. Somehow this band makes ambient music seem bad ass.
Recommended Track: “Like a Leaf From a Tree In Its Dying Season”